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Ikebana Flower Show

‘Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature’- Edwin Curran

To help our students develop an appreciation for Mother Nature, DPS Greater Faridabad organized a ‘Flower Show’, for classes Pre-Nursery to Prep on February 14 and 16, 2024. The event featured a variety of flowers, allowing the young learners to observe and appreciate the different colors, shapes, and sizes. Students in Pre-Nursery learned new vocabulary words related to flowers, expanding their language skills. Nursery students had the opportunity to draw beautiful pictures of flowers on slates after observing them, stimulating their creativity and observational skills. In Prep class, students learned about the parts of plants and the uses of flowers, deepening their understanding of the natural world. The Flower Show not only provided a platform for students to learn about flowers but also encouraged them to develop an appreciation for nature’s beauty. Overall, the Flower Show was a holistic learning experience that catered to the different developmental needs of the students.