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Hop on Hop off -Raise the Placard

“Bifurcation divided us into states but our culture and love unite us forever.”  – Mouni

To enhance and evaluate the knowledge about the cultural diversity of Haryana and Telangana, Class – II organised “Raise the Placard Activity” on Thursday, 14th January, 2021. The teacher took the Dipsites on a virtual tour “Hop on – Hop off” of Telangana and Haryana. The students were mesmerised by witnessing beautiful places, festivals and temples of Telangana. They also got excited while watching the different cities of their own state Haryana and what they are famous for. They were delighted to know the different names given to the different cities. Followed by the amazing virtual tour, the students were evaluated through questions based on the virtual tour and they raised the correct state’s placard for the same.

The activity assessed the student’s knowledge as well as made them explore the famous attractions and cities of both the states.