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Successfully completing a grueling academic session, the summer break at the end of the year, is a well deserved time-off for the dipsites. And, a consistent learners, as they are,  a group of seventy students  from classes IX-XII,  accompanied by their teachers set out for an adventure camp of three days organized by very efficient tour planners, ‘Himalaya Calling’. Let’s hear out from our dipsites themselves….

Hi….buddies! Come! Let’s take you on the journey to the mountains…. the great Himalayas! As we stand in our camp site trying to absorb the beauty of nature, we are welcomed by the pleasant touch of this so chilled air that just brushed past us enveloping the atmosphere all around. You can’t afford to miss the sight of the majestic mountains as if clad in lush green robes. The clouds seem to float just few hands away from us. Snap up! For we have on our list exciting activities for the day. The students, grouped in teams, are heading for the rope courses- valley crossing, ladder climbing, net climbing, Burma bridge crossing and jumping Zipline. Daring hearts.. high josh..unstoppable dipsites…! We couldn’t wait long for the day two.

This second morning is to be spent in the nature’s lap, surrounded by Deodar trees and Green Pines. We walk into the horticulture green house setups to observe the commercial flowering plants growing there and learn about the techniques of cultivating plants. Most importantly, this is the time, we give it back to nature. Let’s do some plantation! The touch of this Himalayan soil is so satisfying and heavenly! This is to be followed by personality development workshop, a time for loosening up, dropping all inhibitions and shyness; shout and laugh, act and play , some theatre and some yoga. Let’s finish fast, for we have an evening planned at Shimla, Mall Road. But wait! Before that, let’s check out the architectural marvel, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, the building that has housed Viceroys and Governor Generals of India from 1884 till our independence and later renamed as Rashtrapati Niwas. It was turned into an institute by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. The evening has in store a leisure stroll on the Mall Road, some moments at the on-going summer fest and lots of window shopping. Wait….Some friends are buying the real stuff too…Day two, well spent!

Day three, the final one, comes with the real exercise that every visitor to the mountains aspire for, the ‘Tracking’. Our track is not an easy one, for we have planned to go to Hatu Peak. Now is no time to talk! Focus!  Keep the eyes on the track, grip your shoes on to the ground, and keep climbing the hurdles, big or small. It is a test of not just your stamina and physical endurance, but also a measure of your grit and determination. Believe me ! The sense of accomplishment feels great!

Now is the time to conclude the three days long adventure, of course, with a blast – a Musical Night with a wonderful band- ‘Abhigya’. Songs and dances, bit folk and a bit modern, a perfect mix to celebrate togetherness and harmony with nature!

Our Mighty Himalayas! We bid adieu to you, until the next year!