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Haryana Day Assembly conducted by classes VII G & VII H

The Haryana Day Assembly conducted by classes VII G & VII H, at Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad on November 2, 2023, was a spectacular celebration of the culture, history, and traditions of the state of Haryana. The assembly was designed to pay homage to the essence of Haryana and educate the students about its significance.

The assembly commenced with a prayer followed by a warm welcome extended to our honourable Principal ma’am, Dr Bindu Sharma and Headmistress ma’am, Ms. Sanjana Mahajan. Next was a choir performance, where students sang a soulful song that resonated with the bonds of friendship and devotion. This song was a beautiful portrayal of the timeless friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama. A captivating skit was presented by the students, taking the audience on a journey through Haryana’s history. The skit depicted the transition of Haryana. The assembly showcased an enthralling Haryanvi folk dance performance. Students donned colorful traditional attire and performed energetically to the tunes of the dhol.  The folk dance was a visual treat, and the audience was mesmerized by the dancers’ grace and enthusiasm.

On behalf of classes VII G & VII H handmade mementos were sculpted and presented by Seerat and Yashika to the Principal and the Headmistress. The Principal, Dr Bindu Sharma appreciated the efforts of all the performers and the teachers for the wonderful presentation of the assembly. She reiterated on the need of focus, perseverance and discipline in the life of a student to achieve the desired goal. She talked about the learning outcome of the assembly that emphasized about the importance of recognizing the diverse culture and heritage of Haryana.

The assembly concluded with a vote of thanks and national anthem. The assembly highlighted the vibrancy and vitality of Haryana’s culture and heritage, instilling a deep appreciation for the state’s contributions to the nation.

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