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Haryali Teej Celebrations- Nur & Prep- Aug 11, 2021

The festival of Teej holds great significance in Indian culture as it celebrates and marks the advent of Monsoonor Sawan. ‘HaryaliTeej’ gets its name from the abundance of greenery we see in nature after it rains. It is also called Moonstone festival. Teej is also believed to be a celebration of the holy union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Dipsites of class Nursery and Prep celebrated virtual Teej with elation and euphoria on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Traditional green colored attires of the students enhanced the charm and mood of the celebration and raised it to the next level. Students of class Nursery were shown an impressive and colorful PowerPoint Presentation on Teej. Slides showcasing henna and hand printed crafts resonated with our awe and affection towards Indian culture. The picture of Jhoolain the PPT  made us feel nostalgic as it reminded us of the beautiful swing at our school’s Happiness Park that we used to decorate every year on Teej. Our Dipsiteslearnt about the significance and importance of this day through various activities. Students of class Prep enjoyed playing Teej Bingo. It was yet another memorable celebration where our students along with their parents danced to the tunes of Teej folk songs. They enjoyed a feast of Ghevar (sweet) along with their family members .We wish you Happy HaryaliTeej!