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Happy Teeth Day- Pre Nursery- Sep 15, 2022

Good oral hygiene routine acts as the first line of defence against common tooth problems and in preventing childhood caries and tooth decay. On September 15, 2022 in order to promote children’s dental health care awareness, a ‘Happy Teeth Day’ was organised for class Pre Nursery. It was a one-on-one interaction on teeth care to make young Dipsites value oral hygiene, teeth care and healthy eating habits. The day witnessed an enthusiastic participation of our tiny tots in cheerful activities such as watching a video on oral hygiene, story of tooth fairy, visit of the dentist and footsteps on oral hygiene among others.

Our little Dipsites faces lit up with bright and shining smiles as they met the ‘Tooth Fairy’, enacted beautifully by one of our loving teacher Ms. Ritu Handa, to whom they promised that they will take care of their oral hygiene by brushing twice a day, drinking milk and eating healthy food. It was a treat for our eyes to see our young learners dancing with the Tooth Fairy on the beats of the song ‘ Up, down, front and behind, brush them all around till they sparkle and shine’. The day culminated on a positive note by enabling our young learners to showcase good practices in day-to-day oral care, be aware of the effects of bad teeth and tooth monsters as well as it augmented their visual learning with vocabulary enhancement. And since then, our toddlers have been twinkling with their winning smiles.