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Hand In Hand Workshop For Parents Of Class Pre Nur, Nur And Prep- Sep 10, 2022

Facilitators at DPS, Greater Faridabad organized a workshop for parents of class Pre-Nursery to Prep covering a vast arena of topics related to development of young Dipsites. The workshop was conducted by respective Class teachers in the classroom with the purpose of apprising the parents of the class environment, teaching – learning pedagogies along with various tools and techniques used in facilitating learning for students. Having such a great turnout and seeing the parents taking active part in the development of their children, the session turned out to be a successful one.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • Encouraging parents to make the teaching aids with home resources.
  • Making parents aware of the importance of Phonics.
  • Discussing activities to teach CVC words in a playful manner.
  • Ways to inculcate reading habits in children with bed time story or story time.
  • Discussing activities for developing fine motor skills in students.
  • Importance of sight words reading.
  • Discussion of activities to improve concentration span in students.
  • Making parents aware of their role in the development of their kids.
  • Making parents aware of forming a positive relation with school.

The workshop started with a special greeting activity wherein parents chose their favourite action (Namaste /dance/ bow-down etc.) and entered the room with a flash of smile. A detailed discussion about importance of phonics was done. A number of activities were demonstrated to teach phonics as an integrated part of curriculum. Parents excitedly participated in the activities like Hop Scotch, Roll – a – Dice, Magic Box etc. Parents had hands on experience of various activities and enthusiastically participated in attention grabbers. Videos related to phonics and sight words were also shown to the parents. The session came to closure with an interactive session with the parents about various concerns and queries like usage of TV/Mobile by kids, short attention span etc.

Parents found this workshop useful and informative and shared their willingness/enthusiasm towards practicing the same at home with their child. The session concluded with highly energetic Zumba by parents and teachers. Parents were thankful for the support provided by the school, with a hope to attend such interactive sessions in future also.