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Gigglegala with Grandmoms @ 03.05.2024

On the joyous occasion of World Laughter day, on May 3, 2024 , the Little Wonders Wing of DPS Greater Faridabad echoed the chirpy laughter of lovable grandmoms and adorable Dipsites of Class Prep.
The day began withthe heartwarming welcome of grandmoms with cheery smiles and showers of love by our young Dipsites.The Little Wonders Wingwas adorned with colourful decorations, creating a festive atmosphere for this special occasion.
Our Principal,Ms.Bindu Sharma and Headmistress,Ms.Ritu Jain,boosted the energy of grandmomswith their gracious presence and whole heartedly participation in the fun activities where gorgeous grandmoms set the ramp on fire with their beautiful cat walk along with their little munchkins.Believing in the thought that music is the food for the soul,our little Dipsites performed a melodious song to showcase their love and presented a handmade garland as a token of love to their grandmothers. In the honour of the best story tellers who are our Grandmoms, a surprise, action packed story session was organised for them. It was a delight to see them tapping their feet and bobbing their head with the beat of different dance styles through ‘Spin the Wheel’ game. Grandmoms participation reflected their enthusiasm and every bit of this was enjoyed to the hilt. Thereafter grandmomsand Dipsitesproceeded to the classroom where they had a splendid time creating wonderful art pieces which were displayed on the ‘Wall of Art’ to preserve these memories forever. Everyone savoured the delectable treats that grandmothers lovingly brought to the table.
It was an incredible moment for the grandmoms to relive their childhood by clicking memories with their grandchildren in different possese at the selfie corner.
The grandmoms highly appreciated the celebration and their response was overwhelming. They poured out their love and blessings in abundance with their words of encouragement and appreciation for the school and teachers.The day left an everlasting impression on our hearts which will be cherished forever.