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Fun With Shapes Activity- Prep- July 22, 2021

Math is an important part of learning vital life skills at an early age .Children begin to identify shapes without knowing what exactly they are. Distinction of same and different shapes help them observe, compare, identify and discuss everything around them.

To develop and deepen the knowledge of different shapes in a fun filled and easy way ‘FUN WITH SHAPES ACTIVITY’ was organized on Thursday, July 22, 2021 for the students of class PREP. This activity was organized with an aim of integrating fun, skills and concept. The enthusiasm shown by our young artists was well exhibited through their creations. Students used cut-outs of different shapes using old magazines, newspaper, fluorescent sheets etc to create a scene or an object. Each creation was unique in itself and had a different story to tell- a flying bird, a shining Sun, comparison of day and night, a robot with all the shapes in it, a round snowman with a triangular nose and many more to name. The activity provided a platform for the young explorers to showcase their innate creativities and express emotions in a fun-filled and easy way. This activity was a perfect way to help our Tiny Tots display their imagination to the best of their ability. Amazing and magnificent display of their abilities enthralled everyone present around. All the participants bagged E-Badges and E- Certificates for showcasing their creativity. This hands on activity made learning engaging and motivating for our young learners and was indeed an enriching experience for them.