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Friday Folk Time- Oct 27, 2023

The Friday Folk Time event, conducted by Reader’s Den club at DPS, Greater Faridabad on 27 October,2023, was a captivating journey into the world of folk tales. The chosen story for the day was “One Coin Short,” narrated by Ustat from VIIC and Pranshi  from VIIA. The tale unfolded with the amusing antics of Hodja, a well-loved character in many folk stories. In this particular narrative, Hodja finds himself in a tricky situation when he’s one coin short while purchasing something. To avoid embarrassment, he slyly borrows a coin from his neighbor, Ahmed.However, the story takes an unexpected turn when Ahmed realizes Hodja’s deception and promptly confronts him. The clever twist in the plot serves as a reminder that we should not trick others, thinking they are foolish. The moral of the tale highlights the importance of honesty and integrity in our dealings with others.

The dynamic storytelling by Ustat and Pranya brought the characters to life and left the audience with a valuable lesson. Friday Folk Time continues to be a wonderful platform for students to share and appreciate the wisdom contained in these timeless folk tales. We look forward to more enriching sessions in the future.

IT FEST 2023