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Friday Folk Time- Oct 06, 2023

“Celebrate the timeless wisdom and enduring magic of folk tales, where the echoes of generations past resonate in the stories we tell today.”

On 6 October, 2023 Reader’s Den club at DPS, Greater Faridabad conducted an enchanting and educational event ‘ Friday Folk Time ‘ Where young Dipsites get the opportunity to narrate and listen to classic folk tales. This event aims to promote storytelling as a means of preserving cultural heritage and fostering a love for literature. Nimisha and Ashna, students of class VIII-I narrated the popular folk tale “Stone Soup” with passion and creativity. Their storytelling abilities left a lasting impression on the audience. Stone Soup” teaches the lesson that when people work together and share what they have, they can accomplish more and overcome difficult times. It’s a story often used to promote the values of cooperation, kindness, and the idea that even the smallest contributions can make a difference when combined with others. The narration transported us to a world of wonder and imagination. It was both captivating and inspiring. The narration was a delightful journey into the heart of the story. Their performance was a testament to the power of storytelling. The audience was moved by the heartfelt and engaging narration of the folk tale. The talented narrators were presented bookmarks as a token of love.


IT FEST 2023