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Friday Folk Time- Nov 17, 2023

 The Senior Library at DPS Greater Faridabad buzzed with cultural vibrancy on 17th November 2023 as the Reader’s Den Club hosted an engaging session of Friday Folk Time. The event showcased the richness of Indian folk tales through captivating narration. Two talented narrators Kasvi Kamra of VII A and Prachi Bhalla of VII B brought to life an enthralling Indian folk tale, weaving magic with their storytelling prowess. Their vivid portrayal and animated delivery captured the attention and imagination of the audience, transporting them into the heart of the tale. They narrated an Indian folk tale, ”The Idler’s Feast”, that revolved around a lazy man’s desire for brinjal curry and the subsequent moral lesson emphasizing the importance of hard work over idleness. The tale conveyed the consequences of laziness and highlighted the virtue of diligence. The event garnered esteemed attention as Principal, Dr. Bindu Sharma along with enthusiastic teachers and Dipsites, graced the occasion with their presence. Her support and active participation added an aura of significance to the storytelling session. She appreciated and congratulated the narrators for a brilliant performance and presented them bookmarks as a token of love. The event not only entertained but also served as a platform to cherish and preserve the cultural heritage embedded within Indian folklore. Overall, the Friday Folk Time organized by the Reader’s Den Club proved to be an enriching and delightful experience for everyone present, fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty of Indian folk tales and traditions.