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Friday Folk Time – January 19, 2024

“The art of storytelling is a magical thread that weaves imagination into reality, turning mere words into windows through which others can glimpse the wonders of our imagination.”

The Friday Folk Time session was conducted by Reader’s Den Club at DPS Greater Faridabad on 19 January, 2024. The two talented narrators, Naitik Gupta and Anany Dwivedi from Class 7H, captivated the audience with their engaging narration of the Swedish folk tale titled “The Landlord’s Wedding.”The story revolves around characters such as The Landlord, Sven, and Katrina. The central theme emphasized the moral lesson of never succumbing to greed.

Naitik Gupta demonstrated excellent storytelling skills, bringing the characters to life with vivid expressions. Anany Dwivedi contributed to the immersive experience with a captivating narration style. The underlying message of the folk tale was a poignant reminder to never be greedy, highlighting the consequences that can arise from such behavior. The audience was enthralled by the dynamic storytelling duo, and the event provided a valuable platform for students to showcase their talent in literature and oral expression. The Reader’s Den Club continues to be a hub for literary exploration and fostering a love for storytelling among the students at DPS, Greater Faridabad.