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Friday Folk Time- Dec 01, 2023

“The folk tale is the primer of the picture – language of the soul .”- Joseph Champbel 

The Reader’s Den club at DPS Greater Faridabad hosted a delightful event on 1st December 2023, titled “Friday Folk Time.” The focal point of the event was a captivating narrative session led by two talented narrators from Class 7D, Agamya Bhattacharya and Sainshaa Sharma. They enthralled the audience with their rendition of the story “One Coin Short,” inspired by the tales of Nasreddin Hodja. Nasreddin Hodja, a beloved character in the folklore of the Muslim world spanning from the Balkans to China, is celebrated for his role in humorous short stories and satirical anecdotes. His persona embodies wit, wisdom, and at times, the guise of a fool or the subject of a jest. The event, with the narration of “One Coin Short,” exemplified the enduring appeal of Nasreddin’s tales, showcasing the richness of cultural heritage and the timeless humor found within these folk stories. Agamya and Sainshaa did a commendable job in bringing this story to life, captivating the audience’s attention and leaving everyone with a memorable experience. The Friday Folk Time proved to be an engaging and insightful exploration of folklore, fostering an appreciation for traditional stories and the universal wisdom embedded within them. The event not only entertained but also highlighted the importance of preserving and sharing such narratives to pass down cultural heritage to future generations. The audience’s enthusiastic participation and the skillful narration by the narrators made the event a resounding success, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating more such engaging sessions in the future.