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Friday Folk Tales- Nov 03, 2023

The “Friday Folk Time” conducted by Reader’s Den club on 3 November, 2023 at DPS Greater Faridabad was a captivating and educational experience for students. This event aimed to promote the love for storytelling and the appreciation of folk tales from around the world.

The chosen story of the day was ‘ The Carpenter ‘, narrated by Ansh Mittal of VIIB and Aarit Mittal of VII I .The overarching moral of the story was the “Bridge of Friendship.” Through the interactions between Carpenter and Old Tom in the story , students were reminded of the importance of building connections and friendships with people from different backgrounds and cultures.”Friday Folk Time” organized by Reader’s Den club at DPS Greater Faridabad was a resounding success. It not only entertained the students but also left them with a valuable lesson on the significance of friendship and cultural diversity. This event reinforced the importance of learning from stories and experiences that come from different parts of the world, fostering a more inclusive and understanding community within the school. The students, Ansh Mittal and Aarit Mittal, actively participated in the event and, along with their peers, gained a deeper appreciation of the folk tales and the power of friendship that connects us all.