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Experiential Learning And Summer Camp Activities 2021-22- Class IV- May 31- June 11, 2021

“When the summer sun is shining, I can achieve anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.” 

 “Learning can be seen as something that takes place on an ongoing basis from our daily interactions with others and with the world around us. It can create and shapeshift into the form of formal learning or informal learning, or self-directed learning.”  

Keeping this in mind and engaging our young minds to develop new skills, new attitudes and new ways of thinking during their Summer Break, we at Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad organized an “Experiential learning Programme” from 31st May to 11th June. During this programme students of 4th Grade not only imbibed new skills but also gained knowledge about several life-long learning topics through various hands-on activities and purposeful interactions. 

It was an enrrgy packed and exciting camp  that highlighted the hidden creativity of our students and also made us aware of their potentials and inclinations. The entire programme was based on student centric activities and project-based learning.

 It provided our students with an opportunity to learn beyond their curriculum. An array of activities based on different topics each day enthralled our students remarkably and gave them a chance to talk and know more about their friendsand engage in new and structured activities such as learning about the Journey of currency. Our students showed their excitement by showcasing their collection of antique coins from different countries and many of them enjoyed speaking about their everyday lifestyle and their favourite festivals. Importance of time management was emphasized in a unique and wonderful manner.

An intriguing and enjoyable art and grammar integration activity was planned where students developed self- awareness by making a self-portrait and used catchy adjectives to describe their own self. This also helped them enhance their vocabulary.

The Dipsites were in for a special treat with the activities and presentations which captured their attention and opened the doors of their imagination. It was a great fun-filled learning time for students as well as parents, who ensured that students participated in all activities. A gamut of fun-filled activities such as word puzzles, Kahoot, ESL videos and draw and tell activities were the highlights. These were interactive learning tools through which students learned about various topics like Amazing and stimulating Anagrams, Health and Safety, Leadership traits, Identity and Values and how students can contribute to the society by being good citizens. They learnt different concepts of Science and Math in a playful manner. Students, actually, enjoyed solving them like a game while learning. 

The Summer camp was filled with fun and enjoyment and was indeed a captivating experience for the students. The great proficiency and enticement of our students made the whole session engaging, invigorating and memorable.

 Here is a glimpse of some mesmerising moments of the camp ….

  We wish you all a happy and healthy summer !!!!!