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“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thoughts and the thought has found words.” –  Robert Frost

Beauty is the realm of poetry. Students enjoy the beauty of expressions, thoughts, feelings, rhythm and music of words. Keeping this pleasant thought in mind, a virtual event “English Recitation Activity” was organised on 10th September, 2020. The young poets of Class-I participated with great zeal and exhibited their talent and confidence by reciting poems on different topics.

The students from all the sections recited poems on diverse topics namely-nature, happiness, healthy food, grandparents, etc., with great fondness. The use of vibrant props added colours to their magnificent presentation. It was delightful to watch our dipsites reciting their poems with radiant expressions, voice modulation and above all with great confidence. The students got an opportunity to enhance their oratory skills. The students were applauded with E-badges and E-certificates.

We appreciate the dedicated efforts of our budding poets and the unconditional support of the parents in making this event interesting and inspiring.