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English Online Activity

After the successful completion of few weeks of online academic session for students, online activity classes were ringed in to cheer up students during the COVID-19 home arrest times. Several activities were designed to involve students according to their areas of interest.
English department made two PPT Presentations on motivating issues -PERSPIRE TO INSPIRE & BEING CREATIVE. PPTS showed several videos and movie clippings to educate and encourage our young Dipsites to perspire, remain motivated and be inspired in all possible situations. The benefits of walking- for health and for a cause was widely discussed through interactive session and videos ranging from Dandi March to people walking to save lives of their dear ones during the COVID-19 Lockdown phase. Creativity, Innovations and Discoveries by school students and the ones that happened in the past were also shared and discussed with students, videos were shown, and Question & Answer session was followed to gauge students understanding and perspective.
Overall it was a meaningful, fulfilling and interactive activity session for students as well as teachers.