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Earth Day Celebrations @DPSGF- Nursery & Prep- April 20- 22, 2022

Earth Day is celebrated all around the world on 22nd April. The day inspires us to act towards the protection of the environment and focuses on the need for conservation.  Keeping up with this thought, an array of activities were organised for classes Nursery and Prep for two consecutive days i.e from 20th April- 22nd April, 2022. Dipsites enjoyed listening to the story ‘Fancy Nancy- Everyday is a Earth Day’ and recited beautiful rhymes. With an aim to sensitize our young minds regarding the conservation of natural resources, a thoughtful discussion on the significance of the Day was held. Students actively exchanged the ideas of doing their bit like planting trees, throwing trash into the bin, saving water and energy and the ways to reuse things to make the planet even more beautiful. Tiny Tots from class Nursery enjoyed the activity ‘Growing Up Together’ by adopting a plant, watering it, placing it in sunny area and providing fertilizers. Students loved making and wearing the Earth Day Badge. The celebration instilled a feeling of gratitude towards our mother nature as our young minds thanked the Mother Earth for all its bountiful gifts in the form of birds, animals, flowers, rivers, mountains etc. The celebration motivated our young Dipsites to save, love and respect our Mother Nature with all their heart and soul.