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Earth Day Celebrations- Class III- Apr 22, 2021

As our beloved school turned a glamorous eight, on 22nd April, 2021, the Dipsites of Class III donned their creative hats to wish their school in style. A unique art integration activity, called ‘My Lapbook’, was conducted on this joyous occasion coupled with ‘Earth Day’ Celebration. The activity was designed to serve manifold objectives. It not only helped the students to pour out their feelings about their school, in the form of a self-composed Hindi poem, but also helped them express how they perceive their qualities and themselves. Environmental awareness was also aroused in their young minds through ‘slogan writing’. As a part of the birthday celebration, students also designed a birthday cake for the school. The response to the activity from each child was truly heartwarming. KUDOS TO THE  CHAMPS OF CLASS III !!!!!