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Earth Day Celebrations By Class II- Apr 22, 2021

“Mother Earth is a living organism too. Love, honour and respect her.”

To spread kindness in our surroundings not only to human beings but also to our nature, which includes animals and plants, Class II students enthusiastically participated in Earth Day activity to commemorate our benevolent Mother Earth. An interactive discussion about the facts of our planet Earth was done through PowerPoint presentation. To invigorate the young minds towards the conservation of wildlife,  a video was shown on endangered species and how we need to help our mother earth to keep it green and clean. Students  created beautiful paper   craft of a plant  and wrote  heart touching and thoughtful  messages  on it  to protect our Earth and  ways to make it green and happy again. The students sang the song of Mother Earth and took pledge to save and protect our planet. The celebration of Earth Day rekindled emotional concerns and instigated the youngsters to save Earth, love and respect Mother Nature with all their heart and soul.