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Earth Day Activity Class IV @ 22.04.2024

“Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”

The students of Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad,  class IV began their day with prayer followed by pledge to make our planet, Earth cleaner and greener for all living beings. Students participated fanatically in Earth Day Activity with an aim to spread awareness amongst the young and old alike, the students turned trash into treasure as they displayed their creative art and craft ideas from the waste procured by them. The activity targeted to achieve maximum practical benefits from the fritter with minimum amount of waste as we say ‘Regard before discard’.

The event rekindled emotive concerns and instigated the students to save, love and respect Mother Nature with all their heart and soul. The students participated with such an elan and confidence which could be very evidentially seen in the outcome displayed by each one of them. Students used reusable and recycled material and created amazing array of display items like cup stands, wall hangings, pen stands, photo frames and many more.

We feel proud to say that our Dipsites are all set to bring positive change in our society and preserve our mother Earth and its resources very responsibly. They truly are the global citizens in making.