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Dps Mandi 2023- Pre Nursery- Prep- Feb 16, 2023

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

Experiential learning at DPS Greater Faridabad focuses on the idea that the best way to learn things is by having actual experiences. Those experiences register in the minds of our learners more effectively and help them to retain information and remember facts. One such initiative was DPS Mandi – Fruit and Veggie Market organized by DPS Greater Faridabad for Classes Pre – Nursery – Prep on Thursday, February 16, 2023. One of the many objectives behind setting up DPS Mandi was to encourage our Dipsites to develop healthy eating habits and alongside learn how important it is to include fruits and vegetables in our regular diet. Dipsites were educated about how vegetables & fruits provide us with the essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Each Dipsite      had brought some fruit or vegetable from home to extend their contribution in setting up DPS Mandi. Some of them came dressed up as fruits and vegetable vendors and shared meaningful information about the food items they were selling. Printed look-alike currency was provided by the school to enable them to have a wholesome shopping experience of visiting the Mandi and buying fruits and vegetables. Through this activity the Dipsites also got to learn about the units we use to weigh the fruits and vegetables ie. grams, kilo grams etc.  They could understand addition and subtraction while paying and collecting the balance. Our Dipsites, being the active Environment Crusaders had made their own shopping bags for this activity, using old newspapers to reduce the use of polybags / plastic bags. DPS Mandi turned out to be a great learning experience for all.