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Dipsites of classes V- VIII enthusiastically participated in various engaging English activities

‘Learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change as it  is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.’
Today 30 April , 2024 was yet another day filled with enjoyable learning experiences  at DPS Greater Faridabad , where the Dipsites of classes V- VIII enthusiastically participated in various engaging English activities .Such events not only foster a love for English but also encourage students to express themselves confidently and creatively
Pictionary Fun Activity was conducted in class  V to provide an inclusive and participatory learning experience for our dipsites.By combining learning with fun, this activity successfully created a dynamic and interactive classroom environment conducive to holistic learning.
Vocabulary Building activity was conducted in class VI that encouraged our dipsites to continue expanding their vocabulary beyond the class room and successfully empowered our students to become more adept communicators.
Our students of class VII were actively engaged in the Poster Making Activity, immersing themselves in the exploration of the poem’s visual interpretation. They gave shape to  their understanding of the poem in the form of beautiful posters. Our students got the opportunity to learn from their peers’ interpretations, gaining new insights and perspectives on the poem.
Just a Minute Activity named ‘Know your Author’ was conducted in class 8 which proved to be an effective and engaging method for developing speaking skills and  boosted our Dipsites’ confidence in expressing their ideas and opinions before their Through this activity the students not only learnt about the work and style of renounced author like Sudha Murty but also expressed their views on how her contribution towards the society has made all the difference .
The interactive and collaborative nature of these enriching activities fostered a sense of enthusiasm among our Dipsites for language exploration and supportive learning environment.