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Dipsite Naysa Soni Wins Dancing Star Award & Nanhe Kavi Award Organised By Wizkids Carnival- Oct 2023

Naysa Soni, a student of Prep-E at DPS Greater Faridabad, has been graciously bestowed with the prestigious “Dancing Star Award” & “Nanhe Kavi Award”. These esteemed accolades were presented to her as a testament for her exceptional talent and artistry in the realm of dance and Poem recitation. The awards were granted as a part of the illustrious All India Dance and Nanhe Kavi Wizards Challenge, a grand event organized by the renowned Wizkids carnival. Her remarkable performance captivated the hearts of the esteemed judges, who were left in awe of her mesmerizing skills and unparalleled grace. This recognition serves as a testament’s to Naysa’s unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence in the realm of dance and poem recitation.

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