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Ding Dong Bell Decoration Activity- Nursery- Dec 12, 2023

Christmas is the time for love, hugs and cuddles and to be with our loved ones!!!

To keep up the festive spirit and to enhance creativity in our young Dipsites, we at DPS Greater Faridabad, organized ‘Ding Dong Bell Decoration Activity’ for class Nursery on Tuesday December 12, 2023.

Students actively participated in the activity by decorating the cutout of the bells with toffees, ornamental balls, joystick, cotton, stars and stickers of Santa Claus etc. The bells came alive with different inventive ideas used for the activity. They let their imagination run wild and their enthusiasm was really commendable. The activity helped not only in promoting self- expression and motor skills, but also filled the little hearts drenched in festive fervor with joy. Our little Dipsites experienced a fun-filled learning day with an everlasting smile on their face.