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Design Your Own Party Frock- Character Enactment- Class IV- Sept 2021

Enrichment activities give a spurt to the learning skills of a child. To acquaint our ebullient learners with the Supplementary Reader and develop stronger skills of creativity, expression and oration a ‘CHARACTER ENACTMENT ACTIVITY’ was planned and executed in a beautiful manner for two consecutive days during the English class for the class IV Dipsites.

Students showcased their creative might and created a ‘SELF-DESIGNED PARTY FROCK’. They kindled their imagination and made stick/finger puppets of their party frocks using paper/cloth and decorated it beautifully. Students participated wholeheartedly hence foregoing the inhibitions to speak in front of the class. This activity was a wonderful opportunity to assimilate learning through the process of self creation. Students strived to put in their best efforts and spoke their dialogues with utmost conviction, confidence and clarity of expression. All the presentations were riveting and gripped our attention.

The activity indeed piqued the curiosity of our young minds and promised effective and stimulated learning.