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With immense pride, we would like to share an outstanding performance and victory by super charged team of technocrats KrishSachdev (IX C), Akansh Gupta (IX C), Arnav Jain (IX C), Harshit Singh Parmar(IX D) and Satvik Sachdeva (IX C)for bagging1st Position in Design Championship organized by Mindbox under the category“ Industrial Design” . In the first phase, thecompetition was held for Region 1 – Delhi NCR Zone schoolswith 1000+ participants. The team has received E- Certificates and a Trophy for this achievement. Also, the team has qualified for Design championship Nationals that will be held towards ending October 2020. We congratulate them for this tremendous performance and wish them good luck for Nationals.

Sharing with you the experience of the Team:

Participating in the National Design Championship 2020 was truly an incredible experience. I, Krish Sachdev along with my four teammates, Akansh Gupta, Arnav Jain, Harshit Singh Parmar and Satvik Sachdeva, participated in the Industrial Design Category of the Design Championship, and came out on top, securing first position in our region for the senior category. We were assigned the task of developing an Advanced Helmet for the Indian Army, which we did to the fullest of our ability, debating for days about its specifics and documenting all of our research in detail. In the end, all of our work amounted to the A.R.T.E.M.I.S Modular Integrated Communications Helmet, a lightweight, strong, modular piece of headgear, which provided the best possible protection and comfort to the wearer. It was a wonderful experience to work together and even during the pandemic we all were determined to give it our best !