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Dance Summer Camp- V & VI- May 31- June 11, 2021- Siddharth Sir

“Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.”

Dance Summer Camp 2021 organized at DPS Greater Faridabad from May 31st ,2021 to June 11th, 2021 for classes V &VI, filled the mornings with joy and excitement when our Dipsites learnt different dance styles such as fusion dance, Tollywood, Jazz, Tandav, Classical etc. Our dance team – Mr. Anil, Mr. Giriraj & Mr. Siddharth taught the children various interesting techniques and styles. In this workshop, children enjoyed and learnt alot of things like knowledge about stage, handling the props and how to use their own creativity. The main thing they learned is self-confidence and how to face the camera. All children were very excited and enthusiastic during the summer camp.