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Creative And Experiential Learning Programme With School Counselor- VII & VIII- May 31- June 11, 2021

The Reflection Time with School Counsellor was planned for the students of Class 7 & 8 as a part of the Creative and Experiential Learning Program from May 31- June 11, 2021. The purpose of the reflection time was to:

  • Familiarize students with the concept of school mental health in an engaging way.
  • Orient and psycho-educate students about the meaning of mental health and how it applies to them in their early-adolescence stage.
  • Facilitate discussion on common emotional and psychological challenges faced by students like bullying, body-shaming, lack of self-esteem, examination stress, parental conflicts, screen time etc.
  • Stimulate young minds to think in line with mental health concerns in their everyday life.
  • Present strategies to apply in life to enhance psychological immunity and well-being.

20 reflective sessions were conducted during the two weeks, and sessions were structured keeping in mind the age range of students, their response in the classes and concerns raised by students.

LET’S TALK MENTAL HEALTH:This introductory session on mental health was for the students in their early adolescence and to help them understand who are mental health professionals, how they can help them, and what ‘mental health’ as a term means to them: Common psychological concerns like conflicts with parents, feeling under confident, experiencing stress due to the pandemic were discussed. Interactive activities were used to encourage students to share their thoughts. Students participated in the discussions, connected that mental health is not just the absence of a disorder, but the presence of holistic psychological well-being. Myths around mental health professionals were also discussed.

CONFIDENCE & SELF BELIEF: This Reflection Session was subsequently for the students to express concerns about feeling nervous, extremely shy and at times being unable to participate in classes due to a perceived lack of confidence. The session involved orienting students about the true meaning of confidence and self-belief, and the consequences of lack of self-esteem in everyday life in terms of academic development, social life, participation in cultural activities, etc.

HEALTHY SCREEN HOURS, REDUCING TECH ADDICTION: Understanding the concerns of technological dependence in the present age, especially considering the epoch of the pandemic; this workshop was planned to help students differentiate between healthy and unhealthy screen dependence, and also to orient them about the rising concern of Technological Dependence:

The ‘Reflection Time with School Counsellor’ turned out to be a bounteous venture that not only helped to psycho-educate students around different areas of their psychological well-being, but also gave a platform for students to express their vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities, when given a common voice in the class by the acknowledgement of peers and counsellor, greatly helped in promoting awareness as well as normalization of mental health concerns.