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Counsellor’s Meet On Ideate The Future- March 05, 2021

The idea of this meeting revolved around the significance of figuring out the unique strengths of a child while helping them self-introspect. This would make them aware of their capabilities. The main focus was to help a child on exploring and identifying their skills. It would be followed by guiding them about future opportunities available as per their capabilities. Young learners should have skills like effective communication and creative thinking. Self-introspection plays a pivotal role in helping an individual decide their career choices. Parental involvement in framing a child’s career is essential. In case there is a conflict of opinion among parents and child while making a career choice, the child should focus on pursuing a career based on their aptitude while pursuing their interest as a hobby. No career choice is wrong as far as the child self-introspects and takes appropriate guidance.

 Highlights of the session:

  1. Students will get a fair amount of time for an elaborative research and planning.
  2. In case there are additional skills to be acquired, or preparation to be done for a particular career they will have sufficient time in hand.
  3. Self-introspection will give children a time for exploration of different choices.
  4. This will also help build focus by setting clear goals to aspire towards.