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Cook Up Tales- Story Telling Activity- Prep- Dec 20-22, 2021

Story telling is an ancient and precious art that extends around the globe. Stories are the best way to imbibe moral values and help open the minds of the children to the world beyond imagination. Providing a platform to help our children speak their minds, share ideas and emotions, “Cook Up Tales – Storytelling Activity” was organized for the students of class Prep from Monday December 20,2021 to Wednesday, December 22,2021.

The stories narrated by the children provided food for thoughts, some reinforced moral values while others were humorous. Listening to the age old tales with a twist brought a smile on everyone’s face. They exhibited their creative might and used props, pictures and placards to add charm to their performance. It was a pleasure to listen to the young orators who narrated their stories with correct voice modulation and expression. It was indeed an engaging and stimulating learning experience for our little ones.