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Community Mela- Our Helping Hands- Pre Nur- Prep- Dec 27, 2022

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”                                                                                                                          

Human beings are social animals who help and maintain healthy relationships with each other. The grown-ups understand the value of community or living together and children need to be taught about the social system to inculcate respect for society and its people. To build a healthy society and help kids understand who are community helpers and the work they do, the entire month of December was observed as Community Helpers Month, wherein the young learners got a chance to explore and learn about different people who work relentlessly to make our life easy and secure for us.

Their learning started within the classroom and ended beyond the classroom. Their learning journey included watching PPTs, explaining the types and roles of different community helpers. The hands-on activities included drawing their favourite community helper and discussing the same by sharing their views.

The learning within the walls came alive and became more exciting during the ‘Community Mela – OUR HELPING HANDS’ organised at Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad on Tuesday, 27 December 2022. The activity provided face-to-face interaction with different people who help us in making our life fun and easy in all ways. The young learners met all the helpers they see around in person-  school carpenter,  school gardener, sweeper, bus driver, barber, electrician, painter, vegetable seller, doctor and security guard. The experience was unique in itself as the helpers introduced themselves and helped the learners understand how helpers of the community aid in the overall well-being, safety and health of all people in the society. Looking at the milkman milking the cow gave them an insight that the milk delivered easily at their door includes lots of hard work. Meeting the helpers gave new meaning to their thinking and filled them with empathy and compassion towards each person who works for the community and makes it a better place to live. The tiny tots from Class Pre- Nursery came dressed as their favourite community helper and drew the attention of each one present around.

The young learners expressed their gratitude and appreciation by presenting a Thank You card to each helper they met.