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Coloring Activity On The Topic- My Neighbourhood

Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment”- Mary Ann Kohl

“As we all know that during the lockdown we can’t step out of our houses. All the things the kids enjoy like sports, going to school, playing in a park and meeting their friends have come to a standstill. However, to re-live all these moments and give expression to their thoughts, a drawing and colouring activity ‘My Neighbourhood’ was organised for the dipsites of Class I. The activity gave them an opportunity to think and draw the places located in their neighbourhood. To begin with, the teachers asked brain storming riddles from the students during the online session. The students enthusiastically responded and also discussed the names of the places they would like to visit after the lockdown gets over. This was also followed by a discussion during which the real objects like vegetables, fruits, medicines ,etc were shown by the teachers to the students. The students drew beautiful pictures of the neighbourhood places with vibrant colours. The topic enabled each child to have a better understanding and importance of the neighbourhood places.