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Collage Making Activity- Nur- Dec 16, 2021

“Collage is like a hall of mirrors every direction you look, you see something different and visually stimulating.”

Collage making is expressing one’s own idea, trying new things, and experimenting with changing materials. It engages children’s senses in open-ended play and supports the development of cognitive, social- emotional and multisensory skills. To inculcate the habit of learning while doing things, we organized the collage making activity for the students of class Nursery on Thursday, December 16, 2021 in their virtual classrooms. Our little ones showcased their talent by pouring out their imagination and creativity in their beautiful collages with different shapes. Their sheets came alive with colorful and inventive ideas they used for the activity. They let their imagination run wild and  their enthusiasm  was really commendable. This activity helped our little one’s not only in promoting shape recognition, self- expression and motor skills, but also reinforced the concept of being focused in a fun way. It was indeed a wonderful learning experience for our young dipsites.