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Clay Modelling Activity- Class VI- Dec 2020

Art Integrated Project to reinforce the concepts of Major Landforms done in Geography.

There is something very therapeutic about playing with clay.  The tactile nature of clay lets students develop their imaginations and express their understanding of concepts in vivid ways.

While doing the chapter of Major Landforms in class VI, the Social Science department designed a clay modelling activity which was executed by students enthusiastically.

The students made clay models of varied landforms viz Mountains (Block, Volcanic and Fold Mountains), Hills, Plateaus, Deserts, Oasis, Plains, Delta, Tributaries and Distributaries of a River, Waterfall, Strait, Isthmus, Canyon, Islands etc.

The project was executed in the month of December across all sections of Class VI and received zealous participation from all students. Some of their efforts are echoing in the images below.