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Class Assembly VII-C & D @ 24.04.2024

हम सबने मिलकर ये ठाना है
प्लास्टिक को जीवन मे कभी नहीं अपनाना हैI

The PLASTIC IS NOT FANTASTIC Assembly conducted by classes VII C & VII D, at Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad on APRIL 24th, 2024, to mark harmful effects of plastic on the environment and on the lives of living organisms.
The assembly commenced with the ‘GAYATRI MANTRA’ chanted by the students in reverence and homage, followed by a prayer and a warm welcome to our honourable Principal ma’am, Dr Bindu Sharma and Headmistress ma’am, Ms. Sanjana Mahajan. Thought for the day put forth by the students kept our enthusiastic audience updated. Next was a poem performance, where the students were made aware of the effects of plastic in a very poetic manner. This was followed by a choir performance , where the students melodiously welcomed everyone to the wonderful world praising the magic and beauty of nature. After the choir a speech was presented by two students . A captivating Nukkad Natak presented by the students, depicted glimpses of our dependency on plastic in various ways and the difficulties to dispose off the plastic products. The well-presented enactment certainly enlightened the students and forced them to think about the solutions to avoid plastic use. The dance performance with a fusion of classical and modern dance movements left the audience spell bound and enabled them to tap their feet.
The Principal, Dr Bindu Sharma appreciated the efforts of all the performers and the teachers for the wonderful presentation of the assembly.
The finale of the assembly was THE PLEDGE taken by all present there Where everyone promised to refrain from the use of single use plastic and make not only our country but the whole planet a beautiful place to live and thrive . The assembly concluded with the national anthem.