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Chota RJ Hunt- Organised By Radio Manav Rachna 107.8- Dec 16,2020

We are proud to share that our dipsites gave a stupendous performance in Chota RJ Hunt by Radio ManavRachna107.8.

Jayati Kapur of class VIII C bagged the runner up position in category I for age group 10-13 and Kangana Bhatia of class IX C bagged runner up position in category II for age group 14-17. Naman Bhatia of class VIII D and Tisya Ahuja of class IX C were among the top 10 finalists and were given certificates Star Performers. The competition required eloquent speaking skills and quick thinking when our Future RJ’s were given 5 topics and on the basis of chit system had to present a show for 120 seconds on one of them100 participants registered for the online competition out of which 30 participants were selected for the next round and then top 10 finalists were chosen by a competent jury comprising of Mr. Shabad Khan former RJ and an alumnus of New York Film Academy. Finally, top 10 finalist and 2 wild card entries physically made it to the studio of RMR for the finale and physically recording of the last round.These 10 finalists were judged by the famous RJ Manav of Radio City 91.1 FM of the Aadi Manav Radio Ke Aadi Manav fame.

Kudos to the winners for their amazing performance.