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Children’s Day Celebration- III & IV


Echoing a similar sentiment, we at DPSGF celebrated this Children’s Day with sheer vivacity and rejoice. We all know why we celebrate Children’s Day – yes, to commemorate the birthday of Chacha Nehru. So, on this special day it was not the students but our teachers who tried to conduct and perform a virtual assembly for our lovely Dipsites. Our Principal ma’am’s message gave a spectacular start to this wonderful day. Ma’am beguiled all of us with her ever so influencing thoughts and provided our Dipsites the impetus to make great strides for the betterment of their future. Our loving Headmistress ma’am from the middle school , primary school and our academic coordinator also enlightened the children with their notion on the significance of the day. Our lovely teachers from Jhelum house charmed us all with their melodious voice. They all pulled the strings of the heart of each and every Dipsite with their soulful performance. The next splendid performance was given by our very own dance teachers who left us extraordinarily touched with their captivating performance. Classes 3and 4 enjoyed this special day with some enjoyable activities. Our children dressed up as their dream and spoke about its significance reflecting upon how can they as Indian citizens contribute towards the well being of their nation. Students spoke so well foregoing the inhibitions to speak. It was a memorable and a great learning experience as the students got a wonderful opportunity to discover their flair and interest. Next was an engaging movie time wherein our children were sensitized towards good values such as kindness and gratitude and were shown short films based on it. It was followed by a healthy discussion based on the above theme. Our educators also recorded their emotions and showered their blessings upon our children with their messages. Each and every message pinned on the bulletin board had an aura of awe and affection.

 It was indeed a day to be cherished by each and every Dipsite as they celebrated with it with a lot of fun and frolic. Heartfelt appreciation and gratitude shown by our children for the efforts put in by their teachers left us all profusely elated and touched.

We wish you joy and success in whatever you do. A VERY HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY DEAR DIPSITES!