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Celebrating World Population Day- July 11, 2020- Classes VIII-XI

The children of DPS Greater Faridabad observed the World Population Day on 11th July with a Poster making and slogan writing competition. It is an annual observance which is used to raise awareness about global population issues.The students put on their thinking caps and exhibited their thoughts through their art work.

As Aristotle believed, “to bring any change we must train young minds.” We intend to get children thinking about the problems facing the earth and our immediate environment. Children took up this challenge and did their best to express their ideas through posters and slogans using words and colours carefully.They showed through their work that if the world’s population continues to grow, this can create a serious imbalance for the environment.

It was a splendid show of masterstrokes by our young and talented masters from classes VIII to XI.The competition was like an extravagance for the young painters and the spectators as well, as they have used their brilliance of painting blended with the perceptions displayed on the painting sheet.