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Celebrating World Mental Health Day- Pre Nursery- IV – Oct 2023

World Mental Health Day is an opportunity for us in the UN system to have conversations about mental health.

Our tiny toddling feet have shown us how beautifully we can express our emotions in vibrant ways through hands-on activity and sharing their experiences on emotions. Most importantly, they aim to make a positive change in their community by engaging in everyday acts that enhance the mental well-being of those around them starting with their parents.

Emoji Identification

Tiny toddlers of class Pre-Nur, Nur, and Prep were encouraged to identify different emotions in their daily routine with hands-on activity and placards. We also played videos for them on emotions.

Emotional Charades

To mark this special occasion, class 1-4 Dipsites embarked a beautiful journey on guessing the emotions of their friends in the classroom setup. They also shared their experience on the emotions they showcased.

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor and more conversations”

Let’s stand together for mental health because every small effort counts!

IT FEST 2023