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A virtual assembly was held on 29th August 2020 to celebrate National Sports Day in the commemoration of the birth anniversary of Hockey Player ‘Major Dhyand Chand’. The special assembly was organised and led by the newly elected student council of DPSGF. The assembly was aimed at spreading awareness  regarding fitness ,agility and endurance among the Dipsites. The event commenced with  awarm and gracious welcome offered by the Head of the Sports Department, Mr Sharad Panwar, followed by an invocation of almighty wherein Koshika Kaul made the audience delve into the spiritual realm of the Gayatri Mantra. Later on, Twella Vaidya, Head Girl, delivered aspeech on the significance of the day and threw some light upon Major Dhyan Chand and his laurels that he had achieved for the nation, making the country stand shoulder to shoulder with other competing nations of the world.The sports captain of the school ,Priyanshu Mohapatra made the audience aware of the importance of physical fitness by performing some core strengthening exercises along with Mass PT. Further, Ritika Gaur instilled happiness and enthusiasm  in the audience through yoga. The Vice Sports Captain Jhalak Wadhwa and her team took the audience by storm with their demonstration of self-defence techniques. Priyanshu Mohapatra then addressed the virtual audience about the essence of sports and  healthy lifestyle. The vice Head boy ,Yuvraj Dhingra rendezvous the audience with the multiple accomplishments of the dispsites in the field of sports during the session 2019-20. The Principal, Mrs Surjeet Khanna blessed the gathering with her esteemed presence and enlightened the student with her words of wisdom. Mr. Sharad Panwar drew a curtain to the celebrations by proposing vote of thanks followed by the National Anthem.
The entire programme was held under the prime supervision of Senior Academic Co-ordinator, Mrs Mamta Gupta who remained as a source of constant guidance and support to the team. It was indeed a power packed day, an amalgamation of happiness and pride.