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Celebrating National Sports Day- Aug 27, 2021

“Your dreams are what define your individuality. They have the power to give you wings and make you fly high.”

Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad celebrated National Sports Day in its premises on 27th August 2021 with pride and fervour in commemoration of the birth anniversary of the Hockey Legend ‘Major Dhyan Chand’. The sole reason behind celebrating National Sports Day lied in championing the spirit of sportsmanship and propagating the message of various sports.The stage was festooned with standees of the famous sports person that was adding glory to the celebration of the day. The event began with the lighting of the lamp which was followed by Gayatri Mantra.In order to delve deeper into the spiritual world and to know about ourselves better, Tia Prakash performed twelve poses of Surya namaskar or ‘Sun Salutation’. Then Jhalak, Yukti, Kanishka, Kaveri, Mayukh and Taranjeet showcased some Self Defence techniques. Nandini and Harshill took everyone through a memory lane of Major Dhyan Chand’s life via their engaging Talk show. Laavanya and Yuvraj made everyone aware of the importance of the day. The Principal, Mrs Surjeet Khanna focused on the benefits of different sports and further told the students ‘how the aspiring youth’s energy can be utilized in re- constructing a strong Nation and its glory on the International front’. The whole event was planned under the able guidance of Senior Academic Co-ordinator Ms Mamta Gupta. Then, The event was culminated with the vote of thanks presented by Mr Sharad Panwar, Sports Co-ordinator. Students returned to their classes with the pledge in their mind once quoted by Major Dhyan Chand:

“Mushkilon se bhag jana hota hai asaan

Zindagi ka har pal hota hai imtihaan

Darnewalon ko Zindagi me milta nahi kuch

Ladnewalon ke kadamon me hota hai Jahan”