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Budding Artist Activity- Nur- Jan 22, 2021

“Drawing is vision on paper…. Andrew Loomis”

We at DPS Greater Faridabad believe that every child is an artist with a vision. Therefore to help our young learners express their innerself and nurture their creativity, an online drawing and colouring activity ‘Budding Artist’ was organized for the students of class Nursery on Friday, January 22, 2021.Our little ones enthusiastically participated and exhibited their artistic skills. It was a delight to watch the young artists create absolute magic by portraying diverse figures such as butterfly, nature scene, swings, balloons, caterpillar, dinosaur etc. They showcased their talent by pouring out their imagination on the canvas using vivid colours of their choice. The uniqueness and beauty of their artwork was commendable. They were thrilled to be a part of such a colourful and vibrant activity as their eyes sparkled with joy on getting clicked with their artwork. The activity helped in inculcating self-expression, imagination and creativity in our little Dipsites. They were awarded e-certificates and badges for their spectacular skills.

It was indeed a fun-filled learning activity which made the day a memorable one for each one of us.