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BOX OF SCIENCE “Orientation Program – Day 2 (Grade 7,8)”

Box of science is a STE(A)M Club Initiative by KINDERUNI Goethe Institute, Max Muller Bhavan.

The workshop was conducted Mr Priyank Nimje mainly and hosted by Ms Shilpa Sharma.

Key features of Kinderuni programme :

  • Digital program through Goethe Institute platform
  • free lessons that can be taught  with time flexibility
  • Multilingual

The main objective of the program which was conceived by Mr Parag and his team is to create curiosity about the world of science and to develop cognitive levels of a kid with ‘Hands-on activities’.

The program  promotes Inter-disciplinary and experiential learning. Various simple and basic components like wind mill, star projection, acid / base kit etc were the the part of the Science Kit. These kits were made out of everyday things such as  paper, metal, glass, wire , recycled foam etc that would help students understand various scientific concept in an interesting manner and also to help them develop scientific temper.

Indeed an innovative project to satiate the curiosity of students about science related questions through exciting educational content and also accompany them in learning the German language during the process.