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January 24, 2020 was a time for looking back on lessons learned; adventures shared, bright memories filled with special meaning. The farewell ceremony, BON VOYAGE 2K20 was a visual extravaganza in terms of glowing faces, emotional messages and spreading joy and bonhomie in the fabulously decorated amphitheatre of DPS Greater Faridabad.

The students of class 11 bid a farewell to their seniors in a fun-filled programme where all the seniors and juniors had a lot of fun together. The seniors received a warm welcome by the juniors as they entered wearing elegant attire. The programme began with the band The Caspians, who were mellifluous in their musical renderings. This was followed by a heartfelt goodbye message given by Akshit Tomar of Humanities stream. Further, the event was made memorable with the flashback memories that were shared by some seniors in the speech that created an emotional moment. The talent hunt for Miss and Mr DPS Greater Faridabad resulted in heartfelt outpourings by the senior most students who spoke their hearts out.

The faculty members also wished the seniors luck and well being for their future.Principal and other faculty members wished all the students luck for their future endeavours. They asked them to do their best and face life challenges with confidence.The dance performances were incredible in terms of synchronization and the synergy was palpable. The awardees wore their sashes with immense pride and confidence. The talent hunt culminated with the titles for Mr DPS Greater Faridabad bestowed on Atharv Kapoor, who was also the Head Boy of the school student council. Miss DPS Greater Faridabad was Divyanshi Batra, an epitome of all the values that the school stands for. The day’s events concluded with a sumptuous high tea and as the day drew to a close, the hosts and the guests mingled as one, creating memories to last a lifetime.

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