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Blue Day Celebrations- Nursery- July 13, 2022

A little splash of colour can brighten up the day and when it’s Colour Day in Little Wonders Wing, the day is truly kaleidoscopic.

Blue is a cool and calm colour that shows creativity and intelligence. On July 13, 2022, the little dipsites of class Nursery celebrated this colour blue representing strength, happiness and creativity, with full pomp and show. It was a pleasant and cool blue day as all the students and teachers came dressed in different shades of blue. Students enjoyed recognizing blue colour through different games and play way activities like Whale ball toss, decorating the whale craft, free hand painting and listening to the amazing story of ‘The Blue Elephant’.

An array of blue coloured objects like ball, cap, bangles, umbrella, shirt etc. were displayed providing students opportunities to gain clarity of blue colour. Excitement and enthusiasm was visible everywhere as they enjoyed making water droplets through finger printing activity. It was an amazing learning experience for our little ones.