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Best Out Of Waste Activity- Prep- Oct 13, 2023

‘Recycle it all, no matter how small !’ For bringing this quote to life, DPS Greater Faridabad organized a ‘Best Out of Waste’ Activity for class Prep on Friday, October 13, 2023. The purpose was to make our young Dipsites aware of the importance of saving the environment and to educate them about the values of ‘Reuse and Recycle’.

The little Dipsites used their imagination and creativity in relevant, interesting and worthwhile ways to make innovative items such as pencil holder, storage box, camera, wall hanging and flower vase etc by using reusable and recyclable materials like news papers, bangles, nut shells, ice cream sticks, shoe boxes and much more. The motto ‘Reuse, Recycle and Reinvent’ was reiterated through this activity. It was an amazing experience to see how scrap could be transformed into such useful and beautiful articles. The efforts of the participants were applauded by awarding them certificates and badges.


IT FEST 2023