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Best Out Of Waste Activity- Class Prep- Oct 13, 2022

Little hands and imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy during the activity “Best out of waste”. The students of class Prep wholeheartedly participated in this activity held on October 13, 2022. The objective of the activity was to sensitize our little ones towards the environmental concerns and create awareness by making the best use of waste products and recyclable things.
We at DPS Greater Faridabad aim to make our students understand the importance of preserving the environment and learn more about sustainability. Values such as ‘not throwing away waste things and using them again for different purposes’, ‘not causing harm to nature’ etc were instilled in the young minds. Students used their imagination and creativity in relevant, interesting and worthwhile ways to make innovative items like photo-frame, pen-stand, wall hanging, flower-pot etc. from different waste materials. This activity not only helped students to enhance their creativity and presentation skills but also helped them to realize the importance of recycling and reusing waste material available at their homes in a constructive manner. The motto- Reuse, Recycle and Reinvent was once again reiterated through this activity. It was amazing to see how scrap could be transformed into such useful and beautiful articles.