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Baisakhi Celebration (Montessori – I) @ 12.04.2024

Baisakhi is not just about celebrating the harvest, it’s about embracing the spirit of renewal and new beginnings. Resonating the same, the students of Montessori-I at DPS Greater Faridabad, enthusiastically immersed themselves in the festive spirit of Baisakhi on Friday, April 12, 2024. Aligned with the holistic approach of the National Education Policy, the event was crafted to provide our young learners with a comprehensive and captivating experience. It was a remarkable celebration as all the teachers and students indulged in merrymaking. The celebration began with the cultural video depicting the significance of Baisakhi. To add to the festive fervour, the students tried their hands on a magnificent Baisakhi craft which helped in enhancing their creativity. They also learnt the significance of Baisakhi through a captivating story session. The ‘Tiny Harvesters’ Eden’ offered a hands-on exploration of farm life, instilling in them a profound appreciation for nature’s bounty and the hard work of farmers. The sight of our Dipsites adorned in traditional Punjabi attire added a delightful charm to the festive atmosphere. The scintillating performance by our lovely ‘Gabrus’ and ‘Mutiyars’ filled the little wonders wing with happiness and cheer. The event was a seamless fusion of education, creativity, and cultural immersion. The celebration not only brought our little Dipsites closer to the dazzling beauty of the Indian culture but will also be cherished forever by each one of us with smile.